Minister Aliu with ASHNA and LIMAK meet KFOR Commander

Data: 1 August 2023
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Today, Minister Liburn Aliu together with the Director of Operations of Limak, Gökmen Aritay, and the Director of the Air Navigation Services Agency, Samir Bllacaku, received in a meeting the commander of KFOR in Kosovo, Major General, Ferenc Kajári, General of Brigade, Deputy Commander, Luca Piperni, and KFOR political advisor, Gyula Somogyi. Minister Liburn Aliu told KFOR representatives his commitment to finalizing the runway extension project, from 2,500 meters to 3,000 meters, and the installation of important follow-up equipment to increase technical capacities for the provision of air services, and as well as the next steps for taking over the management of Kosovo’s upper airspace. The normalization of Kosovo’s low airspace has included the opening of new air corridors between the Republic of Kosovo and all neighboring countries, especially with Albania and Montenegro, and the opening of new air corridors will contribute to reducing operating costs. for the airlines, which will therefore be reflected in cheaper tickets for our travelers. The authorities of the Republic of Kosovo have worked closely with NATO, KFOR, the EU, and ICAO, for the normalization of the airspace of the Balkans. This activity was developed within the NATO initiative: Balkans Airspace Normalization Meeting (BANM). Lower costs for airlines are ultimately passed on to travelers through cheaper tickets. The traveler may have greater opportunities for additional destinations that can be opened from Prishtina International Airport as a result of the lower costs created through this project. Minister Aliu thanked KFOR representatives for their support and cooperation so far, and expressed his belief that this spirit of coordination and cooperation will continue./MMPHI